Everyone’s heard of a dogpile. Why not a catpile?

I’ll tell you why not. Because OUCH! See that poor mama and her ten (yes, TEN, as in double-digits) kittens? It’s dinner time, and MOM is the main course.

They say motherhood has its advantages, and Mom is getting a lot of luvs from her owner Jill in that video. But gosh, that is one big pile o’ cats to keep track of. I wouldn’t blame mama cat (or Jill, actually) for wanting to go lock herself in a closet for a few hours after that feeding frenzy.


It’s true there’s nothing cuter than a kitten. Not even a pile of puppies would argue that. But let me put it this way: it’s videos like these that make me happy I took a SPAY-cation at Companion Veterinary Hospital.

After a series of short cat naps, Stella will return with another post. Until then, check out her other adventures!