One thing I’ve learned during my nine years at Companion Veterinary Hospital is that humans, unlike cats, are too humble. Cats are lots of things: we’re loyal and loving (when we’re feeling it), curious and crafty, but I’ll admit we can be demanding, even finicky. Uppity. Downright persnickety. (There’s a word for you. I’m certain it was invented specifically to describe cats.)

The thing cats are not, however, is humble. Have you ever seen an apologetic cat? How about embarrassed? No? Me neither. That’s because we only do great things. Appearances to the contrary are mere illusions. If something goes wrong it’s somebody else’s fault. That’s the cat credo. And we’re sticking to it.

Humans, on the other hand, are kind of bad about accepting credit for the good things they do. Exhibit one: my fellow veterinary staff members. They stop illnesses and prolong–and even save–the lives of my brethren (yes, even the doggie kind) on a daily basis. They fix up kittens and puppies and send them out the door with tails wagging and hearts a-purring. And sometimes, when the patients can no longer be healed, my co-workers hold grieving pet owners’ hands and give them hugs…and a big box of Kleenex for the lonely ride home.

And then they do it all again the next day. No fanfare. No bragging. It’s just what they do.

Because our doctors and technicians, assistants and front desk staff are too modest to admit it, as a VIP staff member who just happens to be a cat, I feel it’s my duty to do the boasting for them: They’re really good at their jobs!

Now, even though it’s common knowledge a cat’s word is worth its weight in catnip, you don’t *have* to take my word for it. You can go to a thing called Google (which is not, I found out recently, a really awesome new cat toy, but rather a very popular web site people use to find stuff) and check out CVH’s rating. It’s 4.7 stars. Not too shabby. Check my math, but that’s just short of five stars–also known as “the cat’s meow” in feline circles.

My initial thought upon learning CVH is Lacey’s highest rated veterinary hospital on Google is that it *has* to have something to do with me. Could it be my perfect kitty face? My witty Cat Log posts? My pen-fetching abilities? My exquisite mastery of the floral scented catbox in the doctor’s office? Perhaps it’s all of the above. Or, it could be all the things I just said about Dr. Sommerville’s exceptional staff. Either way, I’m happy to take credit.