What, you may ask, is a typical Stella day like? Well, it involves printers most of the time. Nice, warm printers. That’s where I take my cat naps. Sure, there are some downsides. Printers are pretty uncomfortable, seeing as how they’re made of plastic. And they have a bad habit of coming to life all of a sudden, which is a real nuisance when I’m trying to sleep. Plus, my co-workers are always telling me to get out of the way because they need to get a client an estimate or something. That toner smell makes me gag, too. Wow. Why do I spend half my day lying on printers again? Oh yeah…they’re warm. Apparently, that’s been incentive enough for me, though I’m really going to have to rethink my napping strategy. Hey, I wonder if there’s room on top of the microwave oven?