Well, today I tripped over a power cord. Yes. Me. Fleet-of-foot, dainty-on-her-toes, dexterity-of-a, er, cat…Stella. I was on my way to the color laser printer fresh off a batch of flyers (that thing, circa 2004, gives off a huge amount of waste heat–prime nap time!), and I didn’t see a little black cord. I was in such a hurry to get settled in that glorious hot seat that I totally mistimed my jump. I caught a nail and pulled the cord right out of the outlet and some sort of expensive looking device fell off the desk. I think I broke it. My nail, I mean. Who cares about the device? Those humans spend way too much time staring at those things anyway.

I’m pretty sure nobody saw my most un-catlike performance, which is a huge relief. After all, I have a reputation to uphold around here as the most agile mammal on staff. I shudder to think how the rumors would fly had somebody witnessed my cat-fail. I might even have been too flustered to enjoy my hot laser cat nap. And that–despite employee grumbling about an inoperative iPhone or some such thing–would have been the *real* tragedy here.