Yes, this is me “roughing” it. As an indoor-only cat, I don’t get a chance to go exploring in the real world–the place beyond the giant plate glass windows I peer through every day at Companion Veterinary Hospital. To be honest, “out there” kind of scares me. I have plenty of chances to dash out the door when pets come to visit us. But that big, busy parking lot? It seems like a lot to risk just to get some fresh air. Besides, I have no idea which way the campground is. Or the forest, for that matter.

And I’ve heard mixed reviews of camping. One famous feline suggests it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Granted, Tardar Sauce may not be the most unbiased source on the topic. (Or any topic, really. I hear she’s quite a grump.) But I kind of see her point. I mean, it’s outside, for cat’s sake! That’s where all the rain and wind is. And what’s with that awful white stuff. Snow? Oh, it looks pretty. But it’ll freeze the pads right off your toes. Or so I hear. I’ve never actually set foot in it. Brrrrrr. I feel like taking a 10 hour nap next to the furnace just thinking about it.

So, no. I’ll probably never go camping for real. But don’t feel sorry for me. Thanks to the ladies (and one guy) at CVH, I’ve got all the gear I need right here, where it’s safe, warm and dry. That’s all the adventure a cat like me can stand!