I may be opinionated, but I do have a softer side. It’s the spot right on my belly. Ha ha.

Actually, the soft spot *is* my belly. And it’s starting to swing from side to side. Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m afraid I’m no longer the svelte, streamlined kitty I used to be. Dr. Sommerville calls my soft spot “flab.” But I like to think of it as my “emergency reserves.”

You see, I’m of the opinion that a cat can never be too prepared. I mean, what if the kind and caring staff at Companion Veterinary Hospital get so busy helping other pets they forget about me in the back room? My food dish ain’t gonna fill itself, you know. I figure an extra week of flab–er, reserves–should cover me in the event that my human servants neglect their most important task: taking care of Stella.

Wait, that makes me sounds selfish, doesn’t it? Okay, fine. I’m a team player. Let the staff take care of the paying customers first. Stella can wait. But only a week. After that, you’ve got Stella the Svelte to deal with.